STARS Volleyball  teaches the game of volleyball in a fun way to young players (Grades 1-6). The emphasis is on skill development with the help of modified rules and equipment (lower nets, smaller courts AND lighter balls).

STARS teaching philosophy is to emphasize the components of Fun, Fair Play and Positive Attitudes while the participant learns to play the game of volleyball. STARS Volleyball coaches are professionally trained in the approach and philosophy that has made STARS successful program across the country.

Basic Philosophy and Instructional Approach

  • In recognizing the basic importance of skill development as an integral component of fostering success, our approach will focus on basic rules and skills and most importantly, positive attitudes in sport.
  • Parents are encouraged to participate in the skills clinic portion to gain an appreciation and understanding of our focus.
  • Basic skills like passing, setting and serving will be emphasized. Skills taught will be age appropriate and ability appropriate.
  • Winning games will not be our focus. We do not use a scoreclock to determine a winner and loser. Everyone will win by enjoying, learning and playing the game of Volleyball.
  • Games are designed to compliment the skills being taught and learned. The game itself offers a healthy competitive environment.
  • STARS adheres to the “Fair Play Codes” as set out by the Canadian Council on Children and Youth.
  • Play is progressive in that the experienced player player can adhere to the rules of volleyball in this modified game setting. As the skill level improves so too will the demands and challenges for the players.
  • Games are monitored by trained coaches. Parents are certainly encouraged to participate in this task as the season progresses.
  • All parents and youth are encouraged to HAVE FUN and share in the enthusiasm and excitement of the game of volleyball. Everyone in the gymnasium is encouraged to recognize and praise good performances by all individuals. Remember, this program is for all to enjoy.

Available Programs

STARS Volleyball currently offers 2 different programs:

  • After School Program(eight weeks)*: This is a one hour program (per age group). Usually the age groups available are Grades 1-3 and Grades 4-6 (one hour per age group). All sessions consist of three main components; Warm-up Games, Skill Acquisition and Review and Mini Volleyball Games.
  • Half Day Camp(Summer/Christmas/Easter): This is a three hour per day (five day) camp **. Usually the morning session is for the lower grades and the afternoon session is for the higher grades The recommended age categories are Grades 3 & 4 together and Grades 5 & 6 together. Each session consist of the three main components; Warm-up Games, Skill Acquisition and Review and Mini Volleyball Games.

*STARS Volleyball now offers a SUPERSTARS program as well for the more experienced participants.

**STARS Volleyball now offers a camp for the Grades 1-3’s as well.  This camp is also a five day camp, but the sessions are two hours per day.